'Kill Jason Kill' Horror Maze Interview And Review

Last year, Universal Studios held their annual Halloween Horror Nights celebration with haunted mazes, rides and scares galore. One of their featured mazes was a themed Friday the 13th maze based on the recent 2009 film. Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form helped consult on the project and fans came away from the experience with positive reviews.

After the celebration ended following the passing of the Halloween season, Ceative Director John Murdy, of Halloween Horror Nights, filmed a short video reviewing the 2010 event. Also, there was a another video shot going through the entire Friday the 13th maze itself. That alone is worth checking out to get an idea of what a fan could expect when attending this type of event.

If you want even more of an insight into how a maze like this is pulled off, how about getting an inside look by reading an interview with one of the people who portrayed Jason within the maze? Scarezone interviewed Mario Gaitan about his time at the event and he provides his insight into how you become a scare actor and how grueling a job it can be. Below is a snippet of the interview and to read the entire discussion please visit www.scare-zone.com

SZ: What was the scareactor training like?
Mario: The scareactor training was pretty cool. We would go into an auditorium and have John Murdy explain his vision and show us clips from the movie. We then go to our spot in the maze and John Murdy shows us the way the scare would be, then we would make it our own. It was very helpful.
SZ: Did you watch any Friday the 13th films to prepare for your role as Jason? What do you think is the best Friday the 13th movie?
Mario: The first year I played the role, I bought the Friday the 13th collector’s set. I saw all the movies, and to me, I like them all except Part 5 [A New Beginning] and Jason X.