Havoc Games Return With New Friday the 13th Game

Havoc Games has been around since 2000 and is responsible for creating one of the most realistic Friday the 13th fan games ever created. Their original website use to be apart of the Friday the 13th Community forum domain, but has since moved on and now the game developers have their brand new and ultra cool looking website! Their Friday the 13th 3D game gave users that chance to choose to be any Jason they desired.

Now, those same developers are back in this new year of 2011 with a mission to enhance and build upon their previous efforts. Havoc Games is partnering with Unleaded Games to bring fans a new Friday the 13th game which is being made for the PC and Mac computers. The new game is in production now and below are in-progress images of their development.

The creators have mentioned that you will have the ability to play a variety of Jason characters as in their previous game. The biker pictured below was mentioned to be an homage to the biker gang from Friday the 13th Part 3. We will keep you up to date when they rerlease new pics and information and we wish them good luck in bringing an awesome Friday the 13th experience to the fans of the franchise!