Adrienne King Finds Clues In Jason's Potting Shed

The first Final Girl has been showcasing her art talent for a few years now. Adrienne even used art she created from the infamous ending of Friday the 13th 1980 to place on her own Wine label, Crystal Lake Wines. Recently, she had her artwork displayed in the U.K. at the Misty Moon Art Exhibit as well. Now her art finds clues to Jason and his carnage filled mayhem.

Posted on her Facebook fan page yesterday, Adrienne revealed a very cool project that she mentions to have been working on for some time. Her new art depicts Jason and a place where all of the clues to Jason and his murderous rampage may be found. Let us know what you think of the work below. Do you think Jason would really keep newspaper clippings of his misadventures?

From Adrienne:
A work in progress; tentatively titled: CLUES in JASON'S POTTING SHED
I've been working on this collage for awhile now.. just thought it woud be fun to combine real local news clippings with other mixed media & of course this one will be dedicated to all my Friday the 13th campers!