Behind The Scenes: The Actress For Mrs. Voorhees' Head In Friday The 13th Part 2

By now, most people know that a big part of the confusing ending for Friday the 13th Part 2 was due to the fact that the original ending was scrapped before the film was released theatrically. In the original ending, after Ginny is wheeled into the ambulance yelling for Paul, and the camera then zooms in on the mummified head of Mrs. Voorhees, her eyes open and the rotting head smiles.

The scene was edited out of the movie by the filmmakers as they felt it was too cheesy and would not resonate with audiences. The smiling Mrs. Voorhees was meant to signify that Paul was indeed dead. Decades of speculation was created, partly due to that one edit and today's Behind The Scenes image shows actress Connie Hogan in full Mrs. Voorhees makeup while preparing to film that thrown out scene.

To create the original ending, Ms. Hogan fit her head through a hole in the shrine table, giving the effect of just the head itself laying on top of the table. Since footage of the scene may never be found, at least now we can get a glimpse of what that scene may have looked like, but there's always the hope that the edited scene will appear some day!