Radio Personalities Go To Hell With Jason

New Line Cinema has always been well known for effectively promoting films, which is why they had early success in creating the global icon, Freddy Kruger. When news broke that New Line bought the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise in the early 1990's, the rumored Freddy vs Jason film seemed to be on the fast track. However, New Line would help promote their own stand alone Friday the 13th film.

Brian Wayne Phelps and Mark LaMarr Thompson are best known for their nationally-syndicated Mark & Brian morning show based in Los Angeles. Both Mark and Brian first met in Birmingham, Alabama in 1986. The next year the duo moved their show to KLOS-FM in Los Angeles, where they are still based today.

The enormous popularity of their radio show has given Phelps and Thompson several opportunities to branch out into other entertainment media. In 1991-92 the pair hosted a short-lived NBC TV series, The Adventures of Mark & Brian, based on their radio show. Throughout the years both Mark and Brian have appeared in several motion pictures and TV series, notably The Princess Diaries (2001), the Comedy Central series Reno 911 and perhaps their most notorious film, Jason Goes To Hell (1993).

It turns out that Brian Phelps has a passion for the Friday the 13th franchise, so he and his radio partner got their part on the new Jason film in quite a turn of luck as explained by Director Adam Marcus from the book, Crystal Lake Memories:

"One day, he (Brian Phelps) went on the air to ask for a part in the next movie for his birthday. I actually heard this live in my car. I called up and said, "If you're really committed, I will write a part for you today. I'll even give you a hideous death."

So the radio personalities got their part in Jason Goes To Hell offering a few radio promotions along the way. One on-air promotion had Mark and Brian broadcasting live from the K.N.B. workshop while they were having lifecasts made of their heads!

The pair’s turn as police officers that discover a Jason possessed Robert (Steven Culp) in the Crystal Lake police station is one of the fan's favorite kills in the movie and the franchise. Mark and Brian offered promotional posters for the release of the film as well as another radio promotion with a dedicated radio show for the movie premier. This was just another example of how New Line Cinema was able to promote Jason Goes To Hell and make it an event for the fans, even though a lot of fans today still look poorly upon this entry in the franchise.