The Extended Motor Home Death Of Nikki In Jason Lives

Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 was a total departure from the standard formula set forth by the previous five movies in the film series. Jason Voorhees himself was now a walking corpse and with that a supernatural element was introduced into the plot of the film. With that notion, more extravagant death scenes were conceived for the victims and Jason himself became even more indestructable.

In one of the more adrenaline pumping scenes in the franchise, Jason hitches a ride on a mobile home with Cort and girl pal Nikki. Nikki's death in the scene always garners some sort of reaction, be it nervous laughter or complete surprise. What if there was more to her death scene? According to the storyboards for the scene, originally there was a little added bonus for morbid fans to relish in.

Examining the story board, you will notice that Jason was not content with just ramming Nikki's head through the RV wall, he decided a machete through the head would be a better finishing move. Some people may disagree, but Jason using a machete to finish her off would have been more effective. Reason being, it would have shown how brutal and ruthless this newer incarnation of Jason was after being brought back from the dead.

Would the extended death scene of Nikki, depicted in the story board above, have been more effective in eliciting a response from the audience? Or, could this be viewed as being over done and actually lessen the effect of the scene? 
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