Top 10 Most Popular Friday The 13th Stories Of 2015

Most entertainment websites have created their "Best Of " stories for the end of the year utilizing a wide array of news and editorial pieces written for all films in many different genres. It's a fun exercise to show readers what took place within the current year as it comes to a close and reminds everyone of how rapid news in the movie business is reported. Since our website is specific to one film franchise, it can be challenging to find stories and news to write about in a given year, but 2015 was dominated by more news on the new Friday The 13th television show, the continuing saga of the next Friday The 13th film, the exciting announcement of an official video game, and also NECA's continued love letter to genre fans with Jason figures!

Knowing there is a lot of news and stories we have posted and reported on in 2015, we have compiled our Top 10 Most Popular Friday The 13th Stories of the year and have listed them below starting with number ten. We hope you enjoy the list and look forward to even more Friday The 13th news in 2016!

10. NECA Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Voorhees Figure Gallery

There were a number of excellent Friday The 13th figures released by NECA in 2015, but the announcement of the first 7 inch traditional Jason Voorhees action figure since 2013 got many fans excited. The fact that the figure was from Jason Lives (a figure only released once in this form by Mezco many years ago) was a huge bonus. The announcement itself was a big draw to our website, but it was largely outdone by the gallery of images we posted to become the tenth most popular story of 2015!

9. The Continuity Issues Of Jason Voorhees' Appearance Between Part 2 And Part 3

In year's past, stories on our site that make the Top 10 usually consist of news about a new film, merchandise or alumni. 2015 proved to be a different animal, as you will see littered among this year's list, and for the first time an Editorial ranks in our year end retrospective. We had a huge discussion about Jason's change in appearance between Friday The 13th Part 2 and Part 3 which sparked a large influx of readers to weigh in on their thoughts of the inconsistencies of the third beloved film. Jason sure changed clothes a lot.

8. Experience Friday The 13th In 4-D This Halloween!

We love seeing Jason on the big screen, but the opportunity to see his rampage in 3-D is usually an event. However, what if you could experience him in 4-D? Well, that's what Warner Bros. helped release for Halloween with a few theaters for which an abbreviated Friday The 13th 2009 film (11-20 min.) had you immersed in fog, misted with water and physically shaken by the appearance of Jason. Needless to say Jason did more than invade your living room, he violated you as well.

7. Betsy Palmer Passes Away At 88 Years Old

This past May was a sad one for fans of the franchise as one of the most endearing people to be involved in the films, Betsy Palmer, passed away at the age of 88. For decades after the release of Friday The 13th 1980, Betsy shunned her involvement in the original film, but it wasn't until Peter Bracke's book Crystal Lake Memories published in 2005 that she began to warm-up to her role and embrace the fans. Her appearances at conventions the last ten years made her a large fan favorite in the community. She will be missed!

6. Friday The 13th Film Pushed Back Again, Now To 2017

Fans have been given the cold shoulder by Warner Bros. and now Paramount over the last six years since the last film was released in theaters as there had been four release dates scheduled for the next movie in the franchise. When news came this past October of another shift in release to 2017, our readers were understandably disappointed and outraged. Will we ever see a new film? Hopefully, but fans now, more than ever, are becoming jaded at the prospects of seeing Jason on the big screen again.

5. Jason Voorhees Mr. Potato Head Coming This Halloween 

When we announced back in July that PPW Toys was releasing a Jason Voorhees Mr. Potato Head, we had no idea the amount of people who would become interested and intrigued by a hockey mask on a potato. This was the first of two instances of stories going viral on social media in 2015 that took our site by storm as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram spread our post to large numbers of people. It's a cute toy and something that made people take a nostalgic double take at an item from our childhood.

4. 'Jason Takes Manhattan' Actress Kelly Hu's New Viagra Commercial

From the onset, this fun story from May didn't have a whole lot of traction as only the core fans were curious and enjoyed finding out that one of the most beautiful women to appear in a Friday The 13th film was pedaling Viagra. What happened throughout the rest of the year was unexpected as an enormous amount of search traffic looking for a video of Kelly Hu talking about Viagra made this the fourth most popular story of 2015. 

3. Friday The 13th Television Show Officially Heading To The CW Network!

One of the biggest items of news to hit the franchise in a very long time was the announcement that a brand new Friday The 13th television show was going to be developed at the CW network. Sean Cunningham and Crystal Lake Entertainment had announced the show in earlier months, but the fact the show was going to be on an official network gave legitimacy to the developing project and has given hope to fans that we may finally see Jason Voorhees on the small screen on a weekly basis.

2. Kane Hodder Returns As Jason Voorhees In Official Friday The 13th Video Game!

Crystal Lake Entertainment had announced in January that there would finally be an official video game for Friday the 13th on the next gen video game platform, but nothing had been mentioned since that point. In October, the doors were blown off the Friday The 13th community because not only was the previously announced video game Slasher Vol.1: Summer Camp being transformed into an official Friday The 13th game with the license granted by Sean Cunningham, but that meant Kane Hodder was reprising the role he championed for so many years.

1. Custom Friday The 13th Coffee Table Imprisons Jason Voorhees

In March we stumbled upon this awesome coffee table that had Jason Voorhees carved into the middle and decorated like Crystal Lake. It is truly one of the most creative ideas relating to the fandom of Friday The 13th that we have ever seen, and when we posted about the table, it took off into the stratosphere! Not only did our story about the table go viral on Social Media, but many websites and blogs picked up on it and wrote their own stories about the table and all of that word-of-mouth that was created along with sharing and liking made the Friday The 13th Coffee Table the most popular story of 2015!