'Jason Takes Manhattan' Actress Kelly Hu's New Viagra Commercial

We all know that Kelly Hu had a bit of a career Renaissance in the early 2000's starring in such films as X2: X-men United as well as The Scorpion King. However, our readers will always remember her as Eva, the sidekick to the mean spirited Prom Queen Tamara in Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. It's been a while since Kelly has popped up on our radar, but now she is trying to help men pop up as well.

We're a little late to the game in posting about this, but thanks to our Forum member Thirteenth Fan, we can now see actress Kelly Hu in her latest project. That new project is selling none other than Viagra! She still looks great and there are a plethora of jokes we could add to this story, but we figure it would be best just to watch the commercial below. Enjoy!

About Kelly Hu
Kelly Ann Hu is an American actress, voice artist and former fashion model. She was Miss Teen USA 1985 and Miss Hawaii USA 1993.Hu was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, the daughter of Juanita, an engineering drafter for Honolulu, and Herbert Hu, a salesman and exotic bird breeder.