Custom Friday The 13th Coffee Table Imprisons Jason Voorhees

Artists are capable of creating all sorts of awesome items for the Friday The 13th films and custom work tends to be some of the best representations of Jason Voorhees and the films out there in the community. We always promote custom work on the website, but the latest object that we were recently contacted about is simply out of this world!

Slaughter FX is a custom film props company based out of Australia and they have created a really cool Friday The 13th coffee table with Jason Voorhees encapsulated within the table. The killer looks as though he is imprisoned in the table and the pics of the sculpting look fantastic. The table has a base price of $500 without glass and $600 with glass. According to the website, the table is out of stock, but perhaps interested parties could work out a deal to have more made.

Visit for more details. Would our readers like to place this table in their living room or recreation room?

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