The Status Of Jason Voorhees In The Comics

In 2009, Wildstorm Comics, which was a division of DC Comics, released the second series in the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash saga. The six part series was entertaining and successful and brought in a lot of characters from all three respective film series. Since the release of the last issue in December 2009, there has been no news of further comics for Friday the 13th or Jason Voorhees.

There were a tremendous amount of Jason Voorhees comics released in the mid 2000’s and fans of the film series were grateful for the new stories of Friday the 13th mayhem while waiting to see a new film. So, will there be a new Jason adventure in the near future?

We contacted DC Comics at the beginning of 2010 to find out if anything was in the works for new comic adventures for our favorite Crystal Lake Slasher and were told that “There isn’t anything currently scheduled”. It was also announced later in 2010 that Wildstorm was closing it’s doors after nearly 20 years of operation. So now Jason Voorhees and other comic properties are solely in the hands of DC Comics. Do comic aficionados think this is a good thing or would the Friday the 13th property be better handled at a different company? At any rate, it looks as though comic and Friday the 13th fans will have to wait and see if Jason leaps back into the comics for more misadventure!
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