Friday The 13th Film Pushed Back Again, Now To 2017

I have been covering the Friday The 13th franchise since 2008 and with every rumbling of a new film after the reboot in February 2009, my excitement would grow immensely. When official release dates are announced by distributors, it legitimizes that there will be a new film in theaters in the near future. There have been numerous release date announcements as a follow-up to the Platinum Dunes film from 2009, the first being August 13, 2010. Here were are five years later with no new film and another release date moved.

According to Variety, Friday The 13th has been moved from the previous May 13, 2016 date to January 13, 2017. Paramount's Rings has also been moved back into 2016. This is quite discouraging for fans who have been fed multiple release dates and hope of a new film only to be let down once again.\

On a positive note, the fact that Friday The 13th is still on the release schedule for Paramount is encouraging, but how much longer does the distributor have the rights to make a new film? Also, it is being reported by Bloody Disgusting that Paramount is now actively looking for new writers and a possible shift in direction from the 1980's setting once mentioned by Platinum Dunes.

When we hear more about this unfortunate situation, we will let you know!
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