Fangoria Magazine And Friday The 13th: Issue #74 (First Look At 'The New Blood')

Continuing our look at the relationship of Fangoria Magazine and the Friday the 13th film franchise, today we examine issue #74 and the first look at Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood! This preview article of the latest film in the franchise is quite extensive and shows off Jason unmasked in his decayed state for the first time.

The first thing I noticed in the article was the use of the font from Friday The 13th Part 6 for the title 'Jason Defeated?!' There is nothing bad about it, I just like seeing it used here. The article goes on to talk to Kane Hodder, special effects supervisor Greg Johnson and Lar Park Lincoln about making the film and what everyone can expect to see in the film.

The heavily edited death scenes of Dr. Crews (bushmaster saw to stomach) and Russell (axe to face) are discussed at length in regards to their brutality and the fact that the crew knows they never would make the Rated R cut. Check out the pages below and read through the first look at The New Blood!

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