Jason Voorhees Mr. Potato Head Coming This Halloween

Growing up as a kid, Mr. Potato Head was one of a few standard toys that many of us owned or played with for some amount of time. It's a fun concept and a product that definitely has been made into different pop culture characters over the years. I have to say that I never ever thought the day would come when there would be an officially licensed Jason Voorhees Mr. Potato Head, but I thought wrong!

PPW Toys first announced their plans for a new Jason Voorhees potato head back in March on Friday The 13th with a concept art tease, but nothing new had been announced since then. Today, however, the full product was posted on Entertainment Earth and will be part of their Pop Taters line of figures. The retail is listed at $17.99. Look for more on this very interesting figure in the coming months!

From PPW
It's Fry-Day the 13th! Everybody's favorite crazed spud in a hockey mask is now the Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Poptaters Mr. Potato Head. Take a stab at decorating your desk with the sportiest, scariest, starchiest tater in the produce section. Just don't turn your back on him!