Kane Hodder Returns As Jason Voorhees In Official Friday The 13th Video Game!

Early this year, The official Friday The13th video game was announced by Crystal Lake Entertainment, spearheaded by rights holder and original film director Sean Cunningham. Since that time, nothing else was mentioned about the game outside of an October release date. That time has pretty much come and nothing has been released, but we had a pretty good idea that another game that has been in development with a similar concept might be brought into the mix for the official game.

That idea has come true as Slasher Vol 1.: Summer Camp has become the official Friday The 13th video game! The new game, simply titled Friday The 13th: The Game will be produced by Gun Media and star Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees! This is the actor's first turn as Jason in fourteen years and the game also retains the talents of Harry Manfredini for the score, Tom Savini for effects and other advisory roles and now Sean Cunningham has been brought on to license the official game!

Gun Media has enacted a new Kickstarter campaign to get the game published with many more extra features and needs the fan's help. Visit their Kickstarter link (Update #1 posted) to donate, check out the new Friday The 13th: The Game website and watch the announcement trailer below! Look for the game to be released in October of 2016