Experience Friday The 13th In 4-D This Halloween!

Kennywood Park (Located near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania) is one of the oldest and most beloved amusement parks in America. Founded in 1898, Kennywood has thrilled and delighted a wide range of visitors for more than 110 years. Outside of their amusement park rides and usual summer fun, the destination recently premiered their brand new 4-D Theater attraction. The current feature film at the theater is “ICE AGE 4-D: No Time for Nuts” and offers a brand new interactive experience featuring some of the loveable characters from the family film franchise.

The new theater seats 88 people with an outdoor waiting area and movie themed interior hallways that lead into the theater. The awesome news for readers of our site is that Kennywood will be offering a Friday The 13th film in 4d! The new interactive slasher experience is a collaboration between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment to create a short called FRIDAY THE 13TH 4-D: A DEADLY 4-D EXPERIENCE. The new film is being offered as part of Kennywood's popular Halloween themed season called PHANTOM FRIGHT NIGHTS!

Kennywood’s new 4-D Theater becomes Crystal Lake, as Jason Voorhees™ dons his hockey mask for a thrilling 9-minute chase complete with bone-chilling special effects. The new 4-D movie is included with price of admission into the park.

We will keep an eye out for how the theater is decorated for the Friday The 13th themed adventure as we get close to Halloween and make sure to post images as they are available. If you live in the area and are planning to attend Kennywood's PHANTOM FRIGHT NIGHTS, please visit their website for more information.

Update: The 4-D experience will also debut at Fright Dome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

To further celebrate its 13th Anniversary, Fright Dome has teamed up with SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, to be the very first haunted attraction in the world to feature a 4-D show with the iconic brand Friday the 13th 4-D: A Deadly 4-D Experience. Horror fans will experience another dimension of terror as Jason Vorhees, the world’s most recognizable horror icon, slashes hiss way through thirteen kills in thirteen minutes. Jason attacks anyone who enters the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake with every twist and turn. Heightened by hair-raising 3-D and startling special effects; this creepy 4-D experience delivers heart-stopping action. Guests will experience a sensory overload of fear as they come face-to-face with the machete-wielding killer.

The Adventuredome’s state-of-the-art, 4-D Special FX Theatre is a fully immersive experience with an array of in-theater special effects to complement the on-screen show. Seat vibrations, water sprays and other alarming horrors are designed to let guests feel like part of the grim action.

What do you think about visiting Crystal Lake in 4-D?!