Top Ten Most Popular Friday The 13th Stories Of 2013

Most entertainment websites have created their "Best Of " stories for the end of the year utilizing a wide array of news and editorial pieces written for all films in many different genres. It's a fun exercise to show readers what took place within the current year as it comes to a close and reminds everyone of how rapid news in the movie business is reported. Since our website is specific to one film franchise, it can be challenging to find stories and news to write about in a given year, but 2013 was dominated by news on a new Friday The 13th documentary, a brand new Blu-Ray box set, and later on in the year, news of a brand new film in the works!

Knowing there is a lot of news we have posted and reported on in 2013, we have compiled our Top 10 Most Popular Stories of the year and have listed them below starting with number ten. We hope you enjoy the list and look forward to even more Friday The 13th news in 2014!

10. NECA Reveals Friday The 13th Part 3 Mego Jason Packaging 

The toy and collectible company was up to their old tricks once again as they released a retro Part 3 Jason Voorhees 8 inch figure that was styled after the action figures of old from the 1970's. It was a big hit with fans and was a very popular story heading into the Fall Season

9. Paramount Sets Release Date For New Friday The 13th Sequel!

There was some sequel news that we reported in early to mid Summer, but the juicy tidbits didn't start making the World Wide Web rounds until later in the year, which is why a lot of the news for the new Friday The 13th starts lower on our list. Never fear, though, as a new film is coming in 2015!

8. New 'Friday The 13th' Confirmed To Be Found Footage And Another Reboot

Shortly after a release date was announced for a new film, rumors swirled that Paramount was planning on a Found Footage film and possibly being another reboot. Those topics were confirmed by Drew McWeeny at Hitfix.

7. Platinum Dunes To Work On Friday The 13th Sequel 

Long before a release date was set and news about Found Footage surfaced, Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller confirmed, himself, that the company was again involved in working on the next Friday The 13th film. The question everyone wants to know is can they improve upon the 2009 effort?

6. Sean Cunningham: Sequel For 2015, Television Series And A Video Game! 

While we knew Platinum Dunes was involved in the newest Friday the 13th film, we had yet to receive a solid release date from Paramount Pictures. We got a closer to a date when Sean Cunningham was interviewed by Fear Net in September and he dropped the mother load of information about the sequel release, a possible television series and maybe even a video game.

5. Paramount Gets Rights Back To Friday The 13th Films!

This was the news that really kick-started the current sequel news for the franchise and made it possible for the fans to have high hopes of a new film happening very soon. This was a blockbuster announcement as Warner Bros. traded the rights to release Friday The 13th films in theaters to Paramount for an opportunity to co-produce Chris Nolan's Interstellar with Warner Bros.

4. Friday The 13th Blu-Ray Box Set: Full List Of Features And Extras 

After it was learned that Warner Bros. was releasing a full twelve film Blu-Ray box set, fans wanted to know what would all be included. We set out to ask Warner Bros. home video department and so we produced a list of what they had of which versions of the films would be included as well as extras. Our list was controversial and in the end, almost everything was factual, with the exception that Friday The 13th 1980 was indeed Unrated.

3. Friday The 13th Blu-Ray Box Set Coming 9/13! 

We had found out late in 2012 that Warner Bros. had entered into a deal with Paramount to distribute a certain number of their titles on home video and the Friday The 13th films were included in that bunch. The only question left was which films they were going to release and when. Those questions were answered in June!

2. Sad News: Jason Actor Richard Brooker Passes

The Horror and Friday The 13th community was rocked this past April by the sudden passing of Jason Voorhees actor Richard Brooker. He was adored by thousands of fans as he got to know so many people by his numerous convention appearances over the years. His portrayal as the Jason in Friday The 13th Part 3 is considered by many to the best and he will always have a special place in the hearts of Friday The 13th fans.

1. EXCLUSIVE: Friday The 13th Documentary Release Info And Website Launch!

The most popular story on our website in 2013 was our exclusive announcement of the Crystal Lake Memories documentary release information and website launch. the anticipation of the release had been building since the Summer of 2012 and this announcement solidified the excitement of the release of the definite documentary.

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