Presenting Raiders Of Crystal Lake And The 13th Crusade

Everybody loves a great adventure movie and there is none better than the Indiana Jones series. The original Indy romp, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, was a smash hit in theaters back in 1981 and is still as entertaining and thrilling as it was 30 years ago. Well, what if more thrills were added to the ending of Raiders, altering the history of the Ark to include Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th?

Well, a very talented fan of both film series as well as Legos has put together an awesome fan film a few years ago incorporating Legos, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Jason Voorhees himself. Instead of God's wrath laying waste to Nazis at the end of Raiders, why not let Jason have a little fun cleansing the Earth of one of the most evil organizations to ever exist? Watch the fun video below and enjoy the inventive and creative ways that Jason dispatches of his evil Lego counterparts! Oh, and save Indy and Marion too.

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