Paramount Sets Release Date For New Friday The 13th Sequel!

It's been long rumored (and we were told in confidence) that 2015 would be the year we would see a new Friday The 13th film hit cinemas. One thing we didn't know was the exact date and we speculated that it could be February 13th of that year as it did land on a Friday the 13th, but now it seems as though Paramount has set an official release date for the next film in the franchise and it isn't February.

Everyone is aware by now that Paramount was able to obtain the distribution rights from Warner Bros. for releasing new films in theaters for the next five years, so it was inevitable that that a date would be set at some point. Now, according to Exhibitor Relations the next Friday The 13th film will be released on March 13th, 2015! Yes, Jason will indeed return on Friday The 13th for all of the fans to enjoy.

This is great news and just one step further for fans who have been so devoted to the franchise to getting another new Friday The 13th film. There is no word on the story or title of the film yet, but we will wait to see where our new journey to Crystal Lake takes us!
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