Original Jason Voorhees Concept Art For 'Jason Takes Manhattan'

There are a lot of gripes thrown out by fans about Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. Numerous dislikes include the lack of gore, incoherent plot, bad acting, false advertising for title of the film and the long list goes on and on. However, none of these complaints will ever compare, in the eye of the fans, to the awkward look of Jason after his reveal in the sewer system at the end of Part 8. The rubbery and comical makeup used to represent Jason Voorhees after having toxic waste splashed on his face angers fans so much that upon repeat viewings, many people just turn off the film completely.

It may not be all Director Rob Hedden's fault. After all, he had the dubious task of following up John Buechler's far superior Jason design from the previous film Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood. Having to best or at least equal the earlier design was not going to be an easy task, but what ended up on film in what was supposed to be a climactic moment for Jason Takes Manhattan was so horrendous, that it still makes some people laugh out loud. Many fans have wondered if what was shown in the final product of the movie was really what was originally conceived for poor Jason's final moments. Well, we can tell you no!

Below are the conceptual drawings created by Rob Hedden for what Jason would look like in the film. As you can see, we see something much closer to how Jason looks in The New Blood with possibly even more of a rotted and appearance. Unfortunately, as with a lot of decisions made on Jason Takes Manhattan, this design was lost in translation (or financial planning) and never made it to the big screen.

Source: Crystal Lake Memories eBook