Franchise Comic Review: Jason Goes To Hell

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday had the most extensive cross promotion and merchandising campaign out of any of the Friday The 13th films until Freddy vs Jason came along, and as such, there were numerous print media items created to celebrate the release of the films. One of the great ideas for Jason Goes To Hell was to release a three issue comic adaptation based on the final script. Topps Inc. produced the comic series in hopes of not only making a nice profit on the well known property and the character known as Jason Voorhees, but to create more awareness for the film and cater to the comic crowd. A crowd that now dominates the viewership of movies in cinemas.

Anyone reading this website has no doubt seen the movie at least once and is aware of the story, but for the sake of being complete, here we go. Jason Voorhees, the living, breathing essence of evil, is back for one fierce, final fling. Tracked down and blown to bits by a FBI task force, everyone now assumes that he's finally dead. But everybody assumes wrong. Jason has been reborn with the bone-chilling ability to assume the identity of anyone he touches. The terrifying truth is he could be anywhere. Or anybody.

The greatest value of these comics are the inclusion of the scenes that never made the final cut for the theatrical or Unrated Director's Cut released on home video. Such cut scenes involved Duke being arrested for the attempt to steal Diana's body from the morgue and Vicki's boyfriend being killed by Jason. At the time the comics were released, these were valuable resources for cut material. Now, everyone is aware of these scenes whereas they can be found on the DVD released in 2002. Outside of the cut scenes in the comics, the illustrations are not the best compilations compared to other work from that time and the violence is depicted in an almost overtly cartoonish manner, considering the source material. As comics go, the quality here is not the peak of the industry, but as collectibles for the film franchise, it doesn't get much better!

Topps 1993 3 Issue Series
Written by Andy Mangels
Based on the screenplay by Dean Lorey and Jay Huguely
Pencilled by Cynthia Martin (Issues 1 & 3) and Bobby Rubio (Issue 2)
Inked by Allen Nunis
Colored by Evelyn Stein
Lettered by Lois Buhalis (Issues 1 & 3) and Jean Simek (Issue 2)

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