New 'Friday The 13th' Confirmed To Be Found Footage And Another Reboot

This past Tuesday we brought you news that Paramount has locked in a release date for the next Friday The 13th film in the franchise and that Jason Voorhees indeed will be returning to the big screen very soon. It has left fans wondering what to expect for the next film, and with rumors of a found footage film swirling since September 2011 and Adam Green's recent podcast confirming Paramount's desired direction of the film, we had a feeling it was going down the shaky cam route. Well, we have some solid information for fans to dig on, and it is sure to produce some mixed reaction.

According to HitFix, they have confirmed through their sources that not only is the next film going to be Found Footage, but they have also confirmed what Exhibitor Relations eluded to in a tweet on Tuesday, that the next film will indeed be another reboot to the franchise. In fact, the HitFix article emphatically states their displeasure that the new film seems to be a stand alone film only as well as a reboot. Of course, we are only in the beginning stages of the process and many things could change. At this time, a first draft script does not seem to be turned in yet and a Director and actors have yet to be signed.

We'll keep our eyes open for more news as things are truly beginning to gear up for production on the next film.

Source: HitFix
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