Adam Green And Joe Lynch's Podcast Drop Found Footage Friday The 13th Sequel Info

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A few months back Friday The 13th film franchise creator Sean Cunningham was interviewed about the next Friday The 13th film and he mentioned Paramount was aiming to go into production in early 2014. For more on what Sean discussed about the entire franchise, check out our September story. Well, it's November now and we have all been waiting for an official announcement on the next franchise sequel, but nothing has come down the news pipe yet. To tide our readers over, we just found out some very interesting information about the next sequel and finally some confirmation about a story we ran over two years ago.

While listening to Adam Green and Joe Lynch's recent podcast episode for The Movie Crypt, Adam confirmed (in a round about way) that a found footage Friday The 13th film is what he was contacted about directing back in 2011! This was highly debated for many months after that news first broke, so now it is nice to finally have some closure on that subject for fans.

Also in the episode (check it out at the 46 minute mark), guest Mike Mendez, along with Joe and Adam, discussed how Paramount has a budget of $8 million in mind for the next Friday The 13th film and also that the found footage concept came from one specific person at Paramount who is very excited about the success of the Paranormal Activity film franchise and wants to bring that formula to the Friday The 13th film franchise.

According to the trio's discussion on the Podcast, there is a lot of filmmakers that have been brought in to possibly work on the found footage approach over the last few years, but none have been willing to do that sub-genre for a Friday The 13th film. However, Mike Mendez does mention that he has recently heard that Paramount and producers have now found someone they believe can make it work and the new Friday The 13th film is moving forward!

So this found footage idea is starting to really look like a real solid direction that the franchise is moving towards. We will only know for certain with an official announcement, but for now, here is some sequel news for our readers. What do you think?

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