Rumors Of Found Footage Friday The 13th Actually New Halloween?

Some interesting news broke last week when Director Adam Green was interviewed at Bleeding Cool in regards to Hatchet 3. During the interview, Adam mentioned that he was contacted about directing a new movie for a well known slasher franchise and declined. Why you wonder, well, below is his reasoning.

The following was part of his interview at Bleeding Cool:

Now they’re taking, and I can’t say the name of it, but a very well-known slasher franchise, and when I got the call I was like, “I would love to do this!”
Then they were like, “OK, it’s going to be a found footage movie.”
I was like, “Why?”
And they were like, “Because Paranormal Activity made a lot of money.”
So this little snippet of an interview was taken and construed as Adam Green being offered a new Friday The 13th movie that was going to be a found footage film. This seemed unrealistic and inconsistent from a lot of information we have been told about the proposed sequel for Friday The 13th. A week has passed and people have their strong beliefs one way or another to the validity of the rumor. One thing this writer has learned over the years is never believe in or get swept up in the hype until something solid rears its head. Well, that might have happened last night.
Writer Todd Farmer (Jason X, My Bloody Valentine)  has been linked to the Halloween sequel follow-up to Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 for a few years now. Recently, Todd was charged with writing the Hellraiser remake and the thought was that he would then begin prepping Halloween 3 after his work on Hellraiser was complete. That doesn't look to be the case anymore and it sounds like that call that Adam Green received for that well known slasher franchise could very well be Halloween! Below is a message from Todd Farmer's Twitter account which shed some interesting light on the recent rumors.

Dunno what to do or think any more. I'm fired because I won't do a PG13 horror or a found footage Myers. Hollywood blows.

Todd was then asked if there would be a right way to make a PG-13 horror film or found footage Myers. This was his answer:

PG13 and FF have their places. My opinion would be that neither belong in remaking rated R originals.

Hmm. Found footage Myers, well known slasher franchise and two upset creative minds in Hollywood, one a writer and one a director. Sounds like we might have found the actual horror film that was going the found footage route. Of course, this is speculation on our part as well, but at least this makes a lot more sense with the Weinsteins always angling for a new popular angle for their films. Halloween: Resurrection anyone? What are your thoughts on these new developments. Should Friday the 13th fans breathe a sigh of relief and should Halloween fans be scared now?