Found Footage For Both Friday The 13th/Halloween Sequels?

It has been a busy day for fans and horror websites trying to sift through rumorville with respect to upcoming sequels for both the Friday The 13th and Halloween film franchises. Our story that was posted a few days ago talked about found footage rumors and how Halloween was one of the possible sequels going the "found footage" route.

First off, Bloody Disgusting sat down and interviewed writer Todd Farmer with regards to his Halloween and Hellraiser writing duties. In a shocker, Todd mentioned that he was no longer associated with the Hellraiser project and also confirmed in a roundabout way that he is one, not part of the Halloween sequel development anymore and two, the "found footage" angle has been discussed for a Halloween sequel. Read his comments on the Halloween info below.

"There’s another slasher franchise that’s discussing found footage, I think that’s the one he was talking about, not 'Halloween'. But again, if they’re no longer following Rob’s movie, then what DO you do? So I know found footage was brought up as an idea, but there were a bunch of things that were mentioned. I know I’m not a fan of doing Michael Myers with found footage, but that’s just me. I like found footage when I can go in and believe that it’s possibly real, like 'Paranormal Activity' or even 'Blair Witch'. With Freddy or Michael or Jason, it seems harder to me – I know those guys aren’t real. Doesn’t mean it can’t be scary movie or even done well, if the right guy comes in with the right idea it could work."

Reading those comments you will notice that Todd mentions that our aforementioned story about Adam Green being asked to to helm a very well known slasher franchise was separate from the Halloween project. Could Friday The 13th indeed be going the "found footage" route for a possible sequel? Well, Shock Till You Drop posted their own story dealing with these sequel rumors and they say they dug up some info that points to Friday The 13th also exploring the "found footage" angle.

In Shock's story, they do not mention anything specific other than it is being explored and they reached out to Platinum Dunes Producer for answers and here is what they posted:

Brad Fuller at Platinum Dunes assured us today, however, that there is still no movement on any sort on sequel to Dunes' 2009 production. He would not confirm or deny the company was fielding ideas from other writers. "There's no other place I'd rather be than Crystal Lake right now," he told us.

We have to echo the thoughts of Shock when they mention that the stars have to align for a new sequel to take place as Warner Bros., Paramount and Sean Cunningham have to all agree on a direction for a sequel to go into production. Right now it sounds like there are just thoughts being thrown out there for Friday The 13th. Let's hope something solid comes about in the near future for the franchise, and not the "found footage" scenario!
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