New Friday The 13th Film Releasing One Year From Today: A Revisionist History

It's been quite a long journey between the February 13th release of Friday The 13th 2009 and the impending November 13th release of Friday The 13th 2015. Originally, Platinum Dunes was set to make a direct sequel (one that would see a fully operating Camp Crystal Lake and a snow covered landscape) to the 2009 film which was to be released on August 13, 2010. However, Warner Bros. pulled the plug on the proposed sequel not long after the August release date was announced. A few years passed with fans continuing to ask producer Brad Fuller about the status of the sequel and the outcome of numerous meetings he was taking with Warner Bros. In September 2011, it was leaked that a found footage angle was being seriously looked at by Warner Bros. for a new film in the franchise, which drew serious fan backlash. After that rumor was posted online, news on a new film went quiet. Alas, the proposed sequel to the 2009 film was deader than Jason Voorhees himself and any chance of a new Friday The 13th film looked to be gone with it.

In the interim of news on the next Friday The 13th film, Corey Feldman made headlines during an interview with with Movieweb in November of 2012 proclaiming he was developing a new film that would bring back the Tommy Jarvis character to do battle with Jason Voorhees one more time. Not much came of that concept after it was pitched, and heading into 2013, it seemed as though fans would never see Jason on the big screen again. Then a bombshell deal was made that resurrected a realistic chance of seeing residents and vacationers of Crystal Lake return to multiplexes.

In June 2013, it was announced that Paramount had attained sole distribution rights from Warner Bros. to make new Friday The 13th films in a 5 year window in exchange for Warner Bros. to have the right to co-distribute Christopher Nolan's Interstellar (The film opened in theaters last weekend). Fans went crazy of course and everything was set in motion. There were just a few things that were unclear. Who was going to produce the films, what was the story going to be about and when would the first new film be released?

Just a month later in July 2013, Brad Fuller confirmed that Platinum Dunes was on board for producing a new Friday The 13th film and fans figured it would only be a matter of time before more news began rolling in for the new film. In November 2013, during Director Adam Green's The Movie Crypt podcast, a little insider information was dropped that Paramount Pictures was very keen on making a found footage film. Most of our readers were none to pleased, but more news came in as Friday The 13th 2015 had a release date set at March 13, 2015!

After the release date announcement, all was quiet for the next five months until The Wrap reported in April 2014 that David Bruckner was in negotiations to direct the new franchise movie. Then, a month later in May, hearts were a bit broken as Paramount announced a release date change for the film to November 13, 2015. The somber mood did not last long as during an expo in Europe, a Paramount executive announced that Friday The 13th would be in 3-D! This was mostly received with positive responses by fans and began to turn our readers in a more positive direction.

Since June 2014, however, there has been nothing new to report as there has been no official announcement on what the story of the film will be about and no casting choices have been confirmed. So, as we sit at exactly one year to the day of the release of Friday The 13th 2015, it has been a weird and whacky journey to this point in seeing Jason Voorhees return in a new movie. Through all of the rumors, studio deals, and release date changes we still eagerly await the newest film in the franchise to hit the big screen next year!
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