Behind The Scenes: Jason Voorhees And Robs Tent From THE FINAL CHAPTER

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter is thought by some fans to be the definitive film in the franchise. Yes, it is not set in a camp surrounding, which the original and second movie were based on, but everything that is Friday the 13th in plot, characterization and death scenes reaches its peak in The Final Chapter. No matter how popular the film is to the fans, there is still a lot that is not known behind the scenes of the movie.

That being said, it is a real treat whenever anything from behind the scenes is revealed for fans to read about or witness in photos. One such behind the scenes image shows Jason Voorhees in a setting never seen before in pictures. The image below shows Jason creeping around Rob's tent at his makeshift camp site close by the Jarvis house.

Friday fans know this scene, it is when Rob emerges from his tent to hear Paul screaming in agony while Jason stabs him in the groin area with a harpoon at the lake. Rob leaves his campsite to investigate the noise and suddenly hears a noise behind him at his camp site. As he turns around, Rob sees Jason walking through his camp and away from his tent. Eventually, Rob notices his rifle broken, but the audience never really sees Jason in this scene, except for a quick glimpse from his backside.

To our knowledge, there has never been a behind the scene image released to the public from this portion of the movie before, so this is a great photo for the fans to witness and enjoy. It has also been hypothesized that this photo does not show Ted White in the Jason costume, but perhaps someone else. The smaller body size of the actor, lack of dirty effects fingernails and a different hockey mask than what is seen in the rest of the movie suggest that this photo must have been taken earlier on before Ted White donned the mask we see throughout the film.
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