Storyboards: The Sheriff Garris Back Break In Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6

One of the most jaw dropping deaths in Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6, as well as the entire franchise, is that of Sheriff Garris. While Garris searches Camp Forest Green for anything suspicious, he trips over the dead body of Officer Pappas. The Sheriff quickly jumps to his feet and backs into the stoic Jason Voorhees. After Garris shoots Jason repeatedly, but none of the bullets stop him. Garris runs and hides, until his daughter Megan begins calling out for him. Jason quickly turns his attention to Megan and begins walking towards her. Being the protecting father, Garris jumps Jason from behind and begins to pummel him in the head with a rock. As the Sheriff continues to kneel over Jason with his assault on the killer, Jason suddenly grabs the Sheriff and bends him backwards in half.

The cracking sound of the back being broken is disturbing, yet brought many cheers from audiences watching the first zombie Jason continue on his bloody rampage. Below are a few of the many storyboards illustrated for the creative death scene. The storyboard shows the force Jason uses to bend the Sheriff in half.

Big thanks to Crystal Lake Memories for producing these great storyboards that were used on set during the production of the film!

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