Japanese Friday The 13th Chirashi Posters Offer Unique Advertising

We have featured numerous Japanese posters and memorabilia for the Friday The 13th film franchise throughout the years and every single items are great collectibles for fans of the series. Each Japanese collectible features either unique artwork or styling of imagery from the respective movies that really set them apart from other marketing materials from the franchise. One set of Japanese collectibles that is a great little marketing item are the Chirashi posters that were used to promote the films.

These mini posters are 18 cm x 26 cm in size and truly are “mini” size versions of the original sized posters. The unique thing about these Chirashi posters are the description and images from the movie on the back side of the advertisement. There are some classic images laid out on the backside of each poster and each Chirashi makes for a great collectible to add to your Friday The 13th memorabilia collection.

Check out some of the Chirashi flyers below and see which one you like the most!