Official Friday The 13th Novelizations

Between the years of 1982 and 1988, five official novelizations of the Friday The 13th films were published and were based on the original shooting scripts of the films they represent. These books hold previously unknown scenes and dialogue from the films that lend more insight into different characters and situations that occur throughout the stories inside the movies.

Below are the different books published along with stories we have posted on the website that pertain to key moments in the books that may have significant interest to fans!

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Friday The 13th 
Written by Simon Hawke
Based on screenplay by Victor Miller
Published by New American Library
Release date September 1987

It was going to be a fun summer at Camp Crystal. The young counselors were getting ready for it while they joked about the scary rumors attached to the isolated camp.
But evil was waiting in the shadows as the sun set. The laughter turned to screams... the easy living to agonized dying. For the light had gone and the wind was howling and it was - Friday the 13th.

Excerpts From The Book:
Lost Dialogue of Ned and Jack

Friday The 13th Part II 
Written by Simon Hawke
Based on screenplay by Ron Kurz
Published by New American Library
Release date February 1988

Vickie didn't want to disturb Jeff and Sandra. She had heard the vigorous sounds coming from their bedroom, and knew they must be lying exhausted in each other's arms by now. But she had to see them. She had to warn them what was happening here at Crystal Lake, as thunder crashed and lightning flashed. Timidly she opened the bedroom door and looked inside. The sheets were pulled over two figures lying on the bed. "Sandra," Vickie whispered. The the sheet was thrown back, and a hooded figure sat up...
...and Vickie screamed and screamed and screamed...

Excerpts From The Book:
Alice Did Go Back To Crystal Lake
Ginny's Lost Discussion

Friday The 13th Part 3 
Written by Simon Hawke
Published by New American Library
Release date May 1988

Beautiful, auburn-haired, nineteen-year-old Chris was going back. Back to the place where the others had been hideously butchered. Back to where she had been found near-mad with terror. Back to prove to herself that the horror was over and she could live and love again. This time she brought her friends. They all thought the weekend would be a kick. All they had in mind was goofing off and getting off on fun and games. It was party time - until an uninvited guest showed up. His name was Jason... and he was out to have a bloody ball of his own...

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Friday The 13th Part 3 in 3-D 
Written by Michael Avallone
Based on screenplay by Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson and Petru Popescu
Published by Tower & Leisure Sales Co.
Release date August 1982

The book that takes you from the edge of your seat to the edge of madness! He lies in wait. Patiently. Quietly. Ready to strike. As darkness settles over the forest, the victims enter his lair. And one by one they die!

Excerpts From The Book:
A More Graphic Demise For Andy?
The Dialogue of Abel's Lost Encounter
Harold Hockett's Lost Discovery

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI
Written by Simon Hawke
Based on screenplay by Tom McLoughlin
Published by New American Library
Release date August 1986

A hideous creature who will stop at nothing in a soul-chilling battle to the death... Something unspeakably evil suddenly attacks and snuffs out the life of a horrified young graveside visitor...
Two college students come face-to-face with blood-curdling terror in ther last moments alive... A silent masked figure mercilessly stalks a beautiful camp counselor through blinding woods until she smashes into a screaming dead end... Jason, the mysterious boy, possessed of the devil's power, has been laid to rest, and the inhabitants of a small New England town shudder with relief. The evil Jason is rotting in his coffin... they think.

Excerpts From The Book:
The Caretaker Martin, His Shack And Mr. Voorhees

Jason X
Written by Pat Cadigan
Based on screenplay by Todd Farmer
Published by Black Flame
Release Date January 2005


Jason Voorhees is back and doing what he does best! Cryogenically frozen, Jason is discovered 400 years in the future by a group of spacefaring students. His last victim, Rowan, is revived and, despite her warnings, they write Voorhees off as dead.
However, when he awakens and the victims start piling up, they discover their advanced technology and weapons will do them no good against this unstoppable powerhouse of death!

Based on the hit motion picture from New Line Cinema, Jason X mixes futuristic thrills and action with good old-fashioned slasher mayhem

Freddy vs. Jason 
Written by Stephen Hand
Based on screenplay by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon
Published by Black Flame
Release date July 2003

When the bastard son of a hundred maniacs... Meets an unstoppable, psychotic killing machine... Place your bets!

Freddy Krueger once invaded the dreams of a generation to exact his deadly form of revenge and murder. Now Freddy has entered into the dreams of another master of evil, the unstoppable Jason Voorhees, plunging cinema's two greatest titans of terror into a battle to end all battles. Their battlegrounds are the leafy suburbs of Elm Street and the idyllic Camp Crystal Lake, and no one will be spared their fury. With their mortal souls facing an eternity of torture, the last few innocent survivors must make a final stand and destroy both of these evils forever!
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