The Lost Dialogue Between Jack And Ned In Friday The 13th 1980

As the story of Friday The13th 1980 progresses, we are gradually introduced to numerous characters that become more important to the whodunit thriller that changed the Horror genre. One of the key character moments is before all of the counselors arrive at Camp Crystal Lake. Driving to camp in an old red Ford truck, Ned, Jack and Marcy are engaged in their own brand of witty banter which encompasses Ned's desires for seeing other gorgeous women and the impending sexual escapades that follow. There was more dialogue between Jack and Ned that was ultimately not used in the film which gave more insight into the two friends, which for the purposes of the film may not have enhanced the story, but would have given more sympathy to the characters when they died.

Here is the dialogue from the film that was seen depicted in the scene from the image above.

From Friday The 13th 1980
Ned: "Hey Marcie, you think there’ll be other gorgeous women at Camp Crystal Lake, besides yourself?”

Marcie: "Is sex all you ever think about?"

Ned: "Hey, no. No, absolutely not!"

Jack: "Ha"

Ned: "Sometimes I just think about kissing women."

If more time was given to develop the two characters of Ned and Jack, there was a sort of flashback scene originally written that would have given more insight into Ned's statement where he says "Sometimes I just think about kissing women." In that flashback scene with the lost dialogue between the two, Jack confesses his reasoning for loving Marcie, but why he is sexually frustrated.

The Lost Dialogue
Ned: "Now wait a minute, let me get this straight. It’s driving you crazy that she won’t sleep with you, and at the same time you say the fact that she won’t have sex with you is one of the things you like about her?"

Jack: "Yeah, I guess it does sound sort of weird, doesn’t it? But think about it. If a guy wants to get laid, there are a lot of girls around who wouldn’t mind at all. But I don’t want to pressure Marcie. If you love somebody, you don’t pressure them. Love is about trust, not lust."

Ned: "Yeah, but it sounds to me as if you’re suffering from a bad case of both. Love and lust."

Jack: "Look, I love Marcie, all right? And if you love somebody, I mean if you really love them and you’re not just bullshitting yourself, you don’t try to jump their bones just because you’re horny. If that’s the bottom line, then you’re not making love, man, you’re just using someone else to get your rocks off. If you’re that cheap and sleazy, you might as well whack off. At least you don’t have to buy your right hand dinner. If you’re doing that to someone else, you’re lying to them, man. And chances are, if it’s that easy, they’re probably doing it to you. That’s not being in love, that’s just being selfish."

Ned: "God damn, Jack. You’re a romantic.”

Jack: "So? You think that’s funny? What the hell is wrong with being romantic? Maybe if more people were romantic, they’d stay together longer."

Ned: "Well, that’s what you say, but is it what you really believe? This is going to be your last summer together, man. It’s gotta be now or never."

Jack: "I know. I know. You don’t have to tell me.

To most people this little lost scene means nothing for the overall film, but it is interesting to see where these characters motivations lie and where they end taking them. In Jack's case, it led him to his ultimate goal, but then left him vulnerable to the vengeance of Mrs. Voorhees!

Source: Simon Hawke's Friday The 13th

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