Crystal Lake Memories eBook Release Information

When we brought you our interview with author Peter M. Bracke a few weeks ago, it was revealed that the original release date of February 13, 2012 had to be abandoned and the eBook Crystal Lake Memories release pushed back two weeks to February 28th. This had to be done due to the varying technology being employed with the different e-readers being utilized for the release. With the release of the eBook, some fans have been wondering wy they have not been able to pre-order the new release. Peter sent us an email explaining the situation.

The reason there have been no pre-orders available is that electronic downloads are not standardized among the different retailers (Amazon, iTunes, etc.). Rest assured, the new eBook has already been delivered to the various retailers and they will be adding it to their websites throughout this week. Keep an eye out for those releases as they are added to the different outlets and we will post updates on our website and social media network as well when that happens.

Click on the link below for all of the current info on the release of the book!



  1. I am a little concerned about this now. They push back the date two weeks and now it's still not up for sale anywhere on the new date?? What's the deal?

  2. Nothing on iBooks yet

  3. Damn. I've been looking forward to this.


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