A More Graphic Demise For Andy In Part 3?

Is it even possible that Andy's death in Friday The 13th Part 3 could have been portrayed more horrifically or even more graphically than being sliced into two? Well, of course it could have! This is the Friday the 13th film franchise after all, where budget constraints, time schedules and the MPAA have historically neutered the full potential of what these films could have and should have been. One such instance, out of many more to be reported on, is the scene where a hand walking Andy is confronted by Jason in the hallway.

In the scene witnessed in theaters and on home video, Andy is walking on his hands down the hallway when Jason appears and swipes his machete at Andy and his body hits the floor. Normal editing techniques are used to only show a little bit of the carnage as blood splatters onto the camera. Only after Andy's body is discovered by his girlfriend later on, does the audience gain a full understanding of the brutality of the death, being sliced in half by Jason's machete. What if the audience was able to see the full sequence of Andy's death?

In Michael Avallone's novel, based on the original Friday the 13th Part 3 script, the immediate aftermath of Andy's death is far more graphic and would have been even more crowd pleasing in its execution. Below an excerpt from the novel that depicts the immediate aftermath.

From Michael Avallone's Part 3 Novel
He turned around deftly, still upright on his hands, pivoting at a one hundred eighty degree angle. It was then that he saw Jason’s boots. Surprised, he looked up. Jason was wearing Shelly’s awesome white mask, and the machete was poised above his head, high and deadly

Before Andy could react, the glistening blade came down in a savage, powerful arc. The blade sliced through Andy’s upside-down body, literally halving him where he stood. The ghastly scream that bolted from the young man’s throat seemed to reverberate throughout the house as his mutilated remains toppled down the spiral staircase, bouncing and bumping all the way.

Jason retrieved the body. He moved like a silent wraith for so large a man. He dragged Andy’s halved corpse up the stairs. There was no indecision in the monster at all. He carried the corpse back into the bedroom, while Debbie was still showering.

What sort of reaction would the audience have had to that scene in its entirety? Was the scene so graphic that the filmmakers just decided to not film the aftermath at all? We may never know, but the kill probably would have ranked even higher in the minds of fans even more so today.

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