Bring Jason Voorhees Home, Cubee Style

So, we always like to report on the newest figures and masks that are being created or released and they are a big part of the what keep fan's thirst for the series alive. Costs can skyrocket in these hobbies and times are tough right now, so there might just be an alternative for you.

Cubeecraft is a cool little venture that was championed by creator Chris Beaumont. His website features a great number of characters from film and beyond. So, what is a cubee and what do you do? Lets find out.

Cubeecraft (pronounced “kyoob-ee”) papercraft toys feature interlocking tabs for construction – eliminating the need for tape, glue or other messy adhesives. To download click on the model you would like then save the template image.

Each toy is designed to be printed on a standard piece of 8 1/2 X 11 A4 letter paper. Simply print, cut and fold your model into a cute and fun paper toy.

This may sound too cute, but you can make a pretty cool cubicle conversation piece for work. Especially when it is Jason Voorhees! Visit his page at the Cubee website to download the pattern and make your very own Jason collectible at home, with little to no skill involved.