Alice Did Go Back To Crystal Lake In Part 2

To this very day, there are a huge number of people that still believe Jason Voorhees traveled to California to kill Alice Hardy in the beginning of Friday The 13th Part 2. Why California? In the original 1980 film, it is mentioned by Alice to Steve Christie that she may have to go back to California to straighten something out. The assumption then was made that California is where Alice lived.

The debate has raged on since the 1980's on if Alice really was killed in California, or did she go back to Crystal Lake? It does seem a little far-fetched that Alice would ever want to return to a place that caused her so much grief and dispair. However, people in real life revisit places of trauma all of the time find closure for themselves. And that is exactly what Alice Hardy was doing in Crystal Lake when Jason visited her in the beginning of Part 2!

Author Simon Hawke released his novel, based on the original screenplay of Friday The 13th Part 2 in the winter of 1988. In his novel, it is clearly explained that Alice returned to Crystal Lake. She was there to face her inner demons and confront her fear.

From Simon Hawke's Novel
According to the police report, she was hysterical when the officers swam out to get her. They said that she had fought them, clawing at them, screaming at them to let her go. She didn’t remember any of that. Perhaps she had fallen out of the boat and they had seen it, and when they swam out to rescue her, her tortured mind deceived her into thinking that it wasn’t a policeman trying to pull her to safety, but a rotting corpse trying to pull her under. Anyway, that was what the psychiatrist had suggested, and it seemed to make sense. After what she had been through, it wasn’t surprising that her mind should have come a bit unhinged.

But she wasn’t really sure. She knew she had seen something. And lately, ever since she had returned to Crystal Lake , she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. As if there was something out there, waiting for her...

Her mother thought that she was going crazy. Why, after all the horrible things that had happened to her there, would she want to re­turn to the town of Crystal Lake ? Every night, her mother called. Every night, it was the same discussion, always the same old arguments. ‘Come home, honey,” her mother always said, “come home where we can take care of you. We’ll see this thing through together. We’ll get the finest doctors, we’ll do whatever it takes. ”

Her parents simply didn’t understand. What it took was going back to where it had all happened. The camp itself had been shut down and the buildings had all been condemned, but she came back to the town of Crystal Lake where people did not know who she was since her picture had been kept out of the papers when it happened. There she could confront her private demons by herself. Confront them and heat them, or he constringed by them. She had no choice. There was just no other way.

So there is written proof that Alice Hardy was in Crystal Lake when she was murdered. Some fans will still ignore this as it was never explained in the film, but this is based on the screenplay for the film. Hopefully, this can put to rest this debate among the fans, at least the fans that will allow this into evidence!