The Status Of The Friday the 13th Sequel

It has been a long time since any official word has come down from the Studio or Production heads about the next film in the Friday the 13th film franchise. In the beginning of this past November, I was tipped off that Warner Bros. is indeed developing a new film. I wrote about this on my previous website and I was also told that Platinum Dunes was no longer involved.

At that point I tried to get confirmation from any of the parties involved in the current or previous film. I was only able to get a response back from Friday the 13th 2009 co-writer Mark Swift via Facebook. When I asked him if Platinum Dunes not being involved in a new sequel was true, his response was "nah, that's not true". Right now, it is still anyone's guess as to how far along in the development process Warner Bros. is with a possible sequel.

It is a sure bet that Warner Bros. will move on this sequel and get the ball rolling. The only question is when and by who. For all of known official news on the possible sequel, check out our Sequel News page. And In the mean time, if you're looking to discuss any of the happening's with the impending sequel, visit our Discussion Forum for the yet-to-be-announced film!

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