Return To Camp Crystal Lake Convention Announced!

Just announced at the Monster Mania forum today, a brand new and special Friday the 13th show titled Return To Crystal Lake will be taking place this June. Now, there is another Friday the 13th convention that was suppose to take place last August and then pushed back to May 13th of this year.

It is unknown what this new announcement means for the that convention, known as Camp Blood, as the two events will be very close together.

The big news for convention goers is that Sean Cunningham is confirmed to appear at the event! This is huge news for fans of the series as he rarely makes appearances at these types of shows. Below is the official forum announcement for the new convention.

"We are VERY pleased to announce that we are doing a very special MONSTER-MANIA CON saluting the FRIDAY THE 13TH film series with a Very Special RETURN TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE!  This special event will take place the weekend of JUNE 3-5 at the MARRIOTT HOTEL in HUNT VALLEY, MD.  We will have a mix of JASONS and his victims, a number of whom have never appeared at a horror con before!"

So Friday the 13th fans, get ready to save that money up and solidify your travel plans as this event looks to be something special. We'll keep you updated on new guest announcements as they occur!