Jason Voorhees Actor Goes Back To The Woods

Horror fans are always looking for the next 80's style slasher to wet their palets. Most efforts fall flat compared to audience expectations, however it never hurts to have a genre icon involved in that type of film. How about adding a Jason Voorhees actor into the fold? Kane Hodder has been cast in a new backwoods slasher type film called 'Bind', where Kane will probably be able to implement some of his trademark agression.

Producer Ryan Nicholson explained to Fangoria today the follwing information:

"He plays a deranged sort of hermit character whom most of the cast runs into in an isolated area on their way to a lodge. It’s a fun role that will be handled with a good amount of dark humor. There’s even a small homage to a certain character we all grew up with thrown in for good measure"

Check out the official website for Bind as well as their Facebook account to keep up on the developments of the film!