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Three Jason Voorhees Returning To Camp Crystal Lake

‎Just announced on Friday, Monster Mania's 'Return To Camp Crystal Lake' will be featuring a huge reunion of the stars from the Friday the 13th film series. Also announced on that day was that series co-creator, Sean Cunningham, would be attending the event. Now, Sean will be joined by a trio of Jason Voorhees actors. There's nothing like surrounding yourself with a bunch of Crystal Lake slashers to enjoy the festivities.

Below is the official announcement by the convention producers:

3 JASONS ADDED TO RETURN TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE: FRIDAY THE 13TH PT 2'S STEVE DASH has come out of con retirement to attend: RICHARD BROOKER the FIRST Jason to wear the hockey mask and JOHNNY HOCK from FRIDAY THE 13TH A NEW BEGINNING will be making a rare appearance! MUCH more to come!!!

This convention is shaping up to be quite the show. When more Friday the13th guests are announced, we will definitely let everyone know!

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