NECA Friday The 13th Replica Hockey Mask Released Early, Price Increase?

It has been a long road for Friday The 13th fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of NECA's replica hockey masks from Friday The 13th Part 3 and Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. Originally slated for release in 2011, both masks were delayed to 2012 and finally settled on an October release for this year. Not much had been heard about the masks since our last update about these replica hocks since March, but now it seems there is some news as many fans who pre-ordered these masks in 2011 have been receiving update emails from NECA. How about an earlier release than October and a price hike?!

The Friday The 13th Part 3 hockey mask will now be released in July of this year, more specifically, July 31st, according to The price has increased between $4 to $5, but fans are sure to still want to get their hands on these masks when they finally hit the market. No word on The Final Chapter mask, but we are positive that the price will go up slightly on that as well, with possibly an October release date as well.

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