Jason Lives Alternate Ending: The Caretaker Martin, His Shack And Mr. Voorhees

Most fans of Friday the 13th have seen the alternate ending storyboards on the Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 Deluxe Edition DVD. In the special feature, the alternate ending for Director Tom McLoughlin's film is revealed. Time and budget constraints kept the ending from being filmed, but newly created storyboards helped show what the scene would look like.

The alternate ending had Martin the Caretaker, still alive, having an encounter with Jason's father, Mr. Voorhees, in the cemetary. After Mr. Voorhees pays Martin for tending to the graves of Mrs. Voorhees and Jason, he is shown in the storyboards staring at the grave stones with a menacing look in his eyes. What the storyboards do not show you is that Mr. Voorhees realized Jason was not in his grave and he was not too happy with Martin the caretaker.

Below is an excerpt from the Simon Hawke book for Jason Lives, which is based off of the original script that was written, before the alternate ending was scrapped and Martin was killed off in rewrites. The writing shows Martin terrified of Mr. Voorhees while in his shack at the cemetary!

From Simon Hawke's Novelization
"Vorhees walked slowly between the rows of headstones with a stately, measured tread, almost gliding, like a dark, predatory jungle cat. He stopped before the pair of tombstones marking the graves of his wife and son. He stared for a long moment at the simple inscriptions, then his gaze slowly traveled downward to stare at his son's grave.

The burning eyes narrowed slightly as they bored intently into the mound of earth. He leaned closer and his eyes grew wider; his pupils dilated. It seemed as if he was looking right down into the earth, his gaze penetrating, the soil like X-rays, seeing the coffin of his son and strange, broken body that it held now, the corpse of Allen Hawes.

Slowly, Jason's father straightened and turned to look after the old caretaker. Inside his shack, Martin upended the bottle of Wild Turkey and drank deeply, feeling the fire of the whiskey burn his throat, unable to stop shaking. He suddenly felt cold, as if someone had walked over his grave. He couldn't stop shivering. He sank down onto the floor in the corner of his little shack, hugging the whiskey bottle to him with both arms, trembling like a leaf and saying over and over, "I didn't, I swear I didn't, Mr. Vorhees, I didn't know, I swear--"

The inclusion of Mr. Voorhees at the end of this film could have set up a perfect sequel with the father involved and perhaps that could have worked out well for the franchise. The father storyline was revisited once again for Jason Goes To Hell, but never realized.

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