New Friday the 13th Doco Coming Soon?

Recently, the original 1978 Halloween film received its very own biopic style retrospecitve which aired on the Biography Channel. The show gave a lot of insight, in great detail, about the making of the film and included interviews with many of the cast and crew that helped bring Halloween to life. Could this type of show be made for the original Friday the 13th?

During a book review of Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen at it was mentioned that author David Grove was planning a new Friday the 13th book. Mr. Grove previously wrote the book Making Friday the 13th, which was released in 2005. To set the record straight, Mr. Grove sent me an email while I was writing for my previous website. Below is what he mentioned to me about his intentions for his new Friday the 13th book

"Yes, just to be clear(I think someone blogged about me doing another book about the whole Friday the 13th series), I'm planning another Friday book that will be solely about the making of the first film, the 1980 film.  This will be to Friday the 13th, the first film, what the Last House on the Left book was to that film, a really detailed book on the making of a single film. 

As this book will cover the making of a single film - the first film - the book will cover the making of the 1980 film in painstaking detail, and will include interviews with virtually everyone living who worked on the film. 

Although there have been DVDs, books, and other retrospective materials on the first film(I actually published the very first Friday retro in Fangoria back in 2002), I'm confident that I have enough materials, stories, interviews that even most the diehard fans will find fresh and exciting."

So, as this new and exciting retrospecitve takes off and continues the journey to being published, the natural question would be, could this book be a catalyst to producing a singular documentary on the original Friday the 13th? It is plausible that perhaps the producers of the Friday the 13th Deluxe DVD's would be interested in producing such a show. Especially if a new Friday the 13th film was annnounced for release somewhere close to coinciding with the new book being released as well.

In the mean time, keep an eye for news on the new David Grove Friday the 13th retrospective and will keep you posted with any news that becomes available!