NECA Toys Updates On Jason Figures

Last month, NECA re-released their 19 inch Jason Voorhees figure from Freddy vs Jason. Before that, they released the Friday the 13th 2009 version of Jason in 7.5 inch form in the Fall of 2010, which was based off of the 19 inch figure released in 2009. Many fans have been wondering if the company would be releasing any new figures from the Friday the 13th series. Today we asked NECA via Twitter what their plans were.

We asked if there were any plans to release any new figures, besides the 2009 film version, and their response was the following:

not sure on that, as of now there are no plans for a new Jason, maybe some re-issues.

Unfortunately, it looks like people who are looking forward to getting those officially licensed Roy Burns and Jason Takes Manhattan figures will have to wait a while. We are hoping that at some point NECA or even another toy company will realize that fans want these figures and a lot of money can be made producing them.