Review: Friday The 13th Ultimate Collection DVD Box Set

For only the second time in the over 30 year history of the Friday the 13th film franchise, a brand new box set has been released of the Paramount portion of the film series. The last box set was released in 2005, for which some pretty awful movie transfers were copied to DVD. However, the bonus disc, which included some behind the scenes and cast interviews were a delight at that moment in time for the franchise.

Six years later the newest collection of discs have been made available and consisting of the 8 Deluxe Edition discs that were released in 2009. Unfortunately for fans, there are no new extras consisting of documentaries or lost/edited scenes. This is a complete re-issue of the aforementioned discs. Many fans have been pointing their noses high into the air since the announcement of this box set in fear of this very fact. it is true that Paramount has merely re-issued the same discs. However, for those completest fans who yearn for everything Friday the 13th, this new box set is nothing to scoff at.

There are a number of selling points. For starters, some outlets are selling the new set for $34.99. The fact that you are getting eight films in just about the best picture and sound quality at the current time for that price is remarkable. The included hard cover booklet which doubles as a DVD carrier for the eight film set is another major plus for those fans that plan to spend the money to get Paramount's updated box set release. Of course, there is also that replica miniature hockey mask and pair of 3D glasses.

The 3D glasses are the exact same that were included in the 2009 DVD and Blu-Ray release of Friday The 13th Part 3. That being said, for those fans that passed on the glasses and movie a few years back may feel inclined to take a hard look at purchasing the box set. The hard cover booklet really is the main reason for collectors and avid fans alike to pick up the box set. Paramount has done a nice job in constructing this durable DVD carrier, which not only contains the DVD set, but also has some nifty anecdotes and trivia about each individual film. There is even a Kill Count and list of weapons used for each film. Info like that is very welcome to this writer and shows that Paramount did indeed put some thought and effort into creating this box set.

In all, this Ultimate Collection DVD set is worth picking up for collectors as well as fans that do not own all of the Deluxe DVD's released back in 2009. This writer and the people behind this website are well aware that everyone wants the remaining Blu-Rays for Friday The 13th: A New Beginning through Friday The 13th Part 8:  Jason Takes Manhattan. We are confident you will see them sometime next year, but for now, if you desire a neat collectible for your horror or movie room, pick this set up and enjoy Friday The 13th all over again!