Friday The 13th Series Goes Camping

Friday The 13th: The Obsession is still in the filming process for which numerous production images and notes have been released over the past few weeks. Jason and company look to be in very capable hands with Timberwolf Entertainment leading the way for the production. Recently, their new blog updated fans on the progress of the web series.

The new Friday the 13th themed web series is still aiming for the first episode to be released in time for Halloween. Their new blog discusses that fact as well as reveals some new images from the camping scene in t he series as well as gives updates on the their remaining shooting schedule for the seven episode web series.

From Timberwolf Blog
That leaves only Episodes 1, 2 and 7 that need to begin shooting. All the rest are either complete or have a few scenes shot. Episode 2 begins shooting next week, and editing on the series has already begun. The first episode is planned to premiere in time for Halloween.

Check out a few of the images released at the blog below. Make sure to visit the Timberwolf Blog for more images and information that was released about this highly anticipated series debuting in a few weeks!