First News: Blu-Rays, e-Book, New Doco? Oh My!

With news being very slow with respect to the Friday The 13th film franchise of late, what we have just learned should be a breath of fresh air for fans of the three decade old franchise. Long time visitor and Friday the 13th fan Adam Wilson recently caught up with Director, Writer, and Producer Daniel Farrands to ask about the status of the missing Paramount Blu-Rays and a possible new series documentary.

What Adam found out should wet the appetites of all fans of Mrs. Voorhees and her son Jason. Mr. Farrands gave an update on the Blu-Ray releases saying that fans should expect to see them released in 2012. No official date as of yet for the highly sought after discs, but at least we know to look for them next year.

The more surprising and most exciting news came after questions about the Blu-Rays were answered. How would you like to own a full eBook of the Crystal Lake Memories book, complete with new section on the 2009 reboot and brand new interviews? We'll go one better, how about a brand new documentary on Friday the 13th. Read below for what Mr. Farrands had to say on those subjects:

 We're working on a new ebook edition of Crystal Lake Memories that will feature a  new chapter on the remake and some new interviews. I'm also trying to get another  retrospective done that is closer in tone to our Never Sleep Again documentary.

 Right now my focus is on my next film, which is the next chapter of The Amityville  Horror for Dimension.

So, it looks as though the critical and financial success of Never Sleep Again has made Mr. Farrands take a serious look as revitalizing his Friday the 13th documentary, His Name Was Jason, which could possibly be a stacked retrospective including all deleted scenes, interviews and so on. That project looks to be a few years away, but the eBook of Crystal Lake Memories could possibly be released within the next year or so!

Big thanks to Adam Wilson for sharing his talk with Daniel Farrands with our website!

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