Scream Films Pay Homage To Jason Voorhees?

Anyone who has watched the Scream films know that the franchise was built on the notion of deconstructing the slasher sub-genre. In doing so, writer Kevin Williamson based his script for the original movie mostly on Halloween as well as elements of the Friday the 13th film franchise. When production of Scream 4 was in full tilt last year, an interesting idea was proposed.

Three versions of the ghostface mask were produced for the newest Scream film. The original mask, which was seen in the previous three films, a "Zombie" mask, and also a "Scarecrow" mask. The original thought was that Scream 4 was attempting to copycat past horror films. In essence, the killer(s) in Scream 4 would be remaking certain popular death scenes from genre films. Since the different masks were created, speculation ran rampant to what these masks represented.

The most obvious correlation was the "Zombie" ghostface mask representing Rob Zombie's Halloween film. Perhaps the killer in Scream 4 would dress up in this variation of the Ghostface costume to carry out a Halloween themed killing? The "Scarecrow" mask was immediately tied to Jason Voorhee's bag head look from Friday The 13th Part 2 and also Friday the 13th 2009. This would fit the thought of copycatting or capitalization on the remake/reboot boom in Hollywood.

Alas, these extra masks were never seen in the final print of the newest Scream, left on the cutting room floor perhaps (This writer has not seen the deleted scenes from the movie yet). It would have been interesting to see the "Scarecrow" mask in the film as something different and a change of pace in the Scream series and would have made for a cool homage to Friday the 13th. Perhaps we'll see something similar in the now rumored Scream 5?!