Developing Teenage Jason Series?

Last year, around this time, this writer was tipped off that first Jason Ari Lehman (Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th 1980) was developing a new television series featuring a teenaged Jason. Since that time, nothing has been confirmed about the project or if there was any movement towards getting the new story out for the fans to view.

The story that was being developed would take place in-between the original 1980 film and Friday the 13th Part 2. It was mentioned that Sean Cunningham had approved the project, but the series has yet to receive a greenlight from a network. Would a network pick up the show? It would probably be more likely that a network like F/X, AMC, or Spike would give it a go.

It may seem very unlikely that such a series would ever come to light, but it is an interesting idea and one that could work with the right setup and network. Would the fans turn out and watch a series of a teen Jason haunting Crystal Lake?