'The Obsession' Has Confrontations And Hock Making

Friday The 13th: The Obsession is still in the filming process for which numerous production images and notes have been released over the past few weeks. Jason and company look to be in very capable hands with Timberwolf Entertainment leading the way in the for the production. Recently, their new blog updated fans on the progress of the web series.

One of the reasons our website has been covering this series so closely is that there is a certain professional aspect to the film-making being done by Timberwolf West as they have experience making feature length films as well as web series. Below is an excerpt form the newest Timberwolf Blog about their intentions for the Friday the 13th web series.

This isn't a bunch of kids with a Jason costume shooting in their backyard (though this week we did shoot in the backyard ...lol). This is a very creative and character driven tribute to the series writer/director Tim Whitfield grew up on. While Jason is up to his usually trouble making, Obsession is not a fan sequel, or really part of the series at all. It's a stand alone companion piece, and we hope Friday the 13th fans and people who have been following Timberwolf enjoy watching it.

More new images have been released and a few are posted below. Look for the first episode to air online close to Halloween. For more new images and information from this weeks post, make sure to visit http://timberwolfwest.com/