Friday The 13th Props Sell For Big Money On Day One

As we mentioned in August, long time collector and Friday The 13th mega fan Mario Kirner decided to sell his entire Props Museum collection of screen used props and Jason Voorhees costumes. The first day of auction items took place yesterday and the initial items sold brought in amazing amounts of money.

Edit: Corrected the types of hockeys masks sold

Each hockey mask sold for $98,000 and the demon dagger sold for $49,000, both included buyers premium! This is just the beginning as many more items will be sold in the coming days and weeks.

Updated: Other items sold this past weekend

FvsJ costume $28,500
FvsJ machete $21,500
Part 8 costume $21,500
Part 6 knife $8,500
Remake bow&arrows $6,000
Part 7 crew jacket $4,500
Part 7 Jason`s teeth $2,300

*amounts are converted from British Pounds to USD and rounded.

More items will be auctioned off next year. Congrats to Mario, but sad to see this great collection broken up.

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