First Trailer For Animated Friday The 13th Fan Film ‘Never Hike Alone: Ghosts In The Fog’ Released

Filmmaker Vincente Disante is in the midst of his crowdfunding campaign to finish acquiring funds for the fan film sequel Never Hike Alone 2. As part of that effort, he will be releasing a new animated short film, Ghosts In The Fog in the near future. This past Halloween, the new trailer for that animated film dropped and now fans can get a first look at one of the first animated films produced related to Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees!

Womp Stomp Films has teamed up with Mako Animation Studio to bring Jason Voorhees into the animated world with an upcoming Friday the 13th fan film titled “Never Hike Alone: Ghosts in the Fog.”

Set years prior to the events of Never Hike Alone, the 2D animated short film follows a group of hikers who get lost in an unearthly fog and accidently wander into Camp Crystal Lake where they will come face to face with the Ghost of Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhees.

About Womp Stomp Films

Founded in 2016, between a small group of passionate filmmakers, Womp Stomp Films has since grown to more than 150 collaborators and become a multi-film award winning independent studio. They produce their own original and fan film content as well as collaborate with a network of filmmakers from all over the world to assist them with their productions. 

About Mako Animation Studios

Founded by Juan Rivera in 2015, Mako Animation Studio is a Mexico based independent studio with a focus on 2D animation and bringing unique stories to life by way of a collection of diverse and creative talents. Mako Animation collaborates with other studios at home and internationally, supporting animated projects of all shapes and sizes.

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